How to Get Girls by Giving

HOW TO GET GIRLS BY GIVING - Instant Download Audio Program
Learn the mindset and system that will enable you to powerfully attract phenomenal women in an authentic and noble way. Go to sleep with a clear conscience and a beautiful woman beside you.
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What Guys Are Saying

“I have listened to it twice now – once through my gym workout and once during a long drive for work.

I must say – I have never heard anything quite like it before.

I felt as though I knew a lot of the material and advice deep down inside but needed an external voice to remind me of what I had forgotten, for which I’d like to thank you for.

It is really a priceless one hour of a sound quality message that every single or otherwise man needs to hear at least once in their lifetime.

I appreciated and can see myself using some of the examples you gave in the audio track, particularly the openers.

In sum, it especially altered my perspective on communicating with women and gave me the confidence to go out in the field and meet more without fear of rejection, since I have nothing really to lose when in this mind frame or way of living.” – Krishan, London

Chapter Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. Give & You Shall Receive…Lots of Women
  3. The Three Stages to Getting What You Want
  4. Stage One – Taking
  5. Stage Two – Trading
  6. Stage Three – Giving
  7. How to Know if You Are Taking, Trading or Giving?
  8. Letting Things Play Out
  9. The Two Kinds of Giving
  10. Giving as Empathy
  11. Actions Matter More Than Words
  12. Giving as Purpose
  13. Creativity & Flow
  14. Why & How to Live WIth Purpose
  15. The Giving Realms
  16. Giving Realm One – Engaging Women
  17. Giving Realm Two – Conversing With Women
  18. Giving Real Three – Dating Women
  19. Giving Realm Four – Flirting & Seducing Women
  20. Review & Final Words

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