Men & Love Q & A

by John P Morgan on 25 May 2011

On the evening of Saturday 21 May 2011  I sat on a panel of men for a room full of women in Covent Garden, London.

This very successful event was hosted by author Becky Walsh.

The women asked us questions about sex, love and dating.

I answered their questions as honestly and as deeply as I could.


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He likes her. She’s smart and they have great conversation. He likes her voice and he likes looking at her. He enjoys reading her texts and when she calls, he likes hearing her voice. The sex is good and he thinks it could be even better if she weren’t holding back. He really likes her, but he just doesn’t know if she’s the one. He should as she seems to ‘tick all his boxes’, but still he’s not sure. Somehow he hasn’t fully connected with her yet.

She likes him. He makes her laugh. She has fun with him and loves the banter they have. When he calls, she always tries to find a quiet spot so she can listen and hear him clearly. Sex with him is really nice, but she’s doesn’t want to do it too much just yet. She will in time if things work out, but not yet. Not until she can really feel him. She wants to ask him what he’s feeling, but she doesn’t want to scare him away.

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How to Flirt Without Being Creepy

by John P Morgan on 18 November 2010

I flirt with everyone.

Younger women, older women, single women, married women, my friend’s girlfriends and wives, gay guys and even straight guys if they’re having a very feminine moment.

In a sense, I flirt with feminine energy wherever I meet it.

However, just because I’m flirting doesn’t mean that I intend or even desire to pursue sex with the person.

One might see this as “sending mixed messages” and at the same time, one might see that flirting is a very natural transfer of sexual energy which can exist as a momentary spark, a strong and continuous current or anything in between.

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How to Find a Soul Mate (Five Easy Steps)

by John P Morgan on 6 October 2010

This article is not about finding a predestined “soul mate”.

It is about finding a woman who you are so incredibly attracted to, so totally enamored by, so completely connected to and head over heals in love with that you ignore logic and assert with flawless belief that the two of you were created for each other and destined to be joined together now and forever as – soul mates.

This article is about finding a woman who will feel like your “soul mate”.

And this is what really matters isn’t it?

As long as you are waiting for fate to grace you with a woman who radiates beauty and health, supports your vision and direction and is intelligent and sexually open…you’re really just playing the lottery man.

You’re leaving life to chance.

There are countless women in this world that could be your soul mate.

You brush shoulders with them on city sidewalks, catch their eye contact from across the bar, bump into them at the market.

If you want to find a soul mate, you must be pro-active.

Maybe you have actually met a soul mate before. Maybe you’ve even tasted her lips or enjoyed an ecstasy filled night with her.

Just because you find a soul mate, doesn’t mean a relationship will form or that the two of you will live happily ever after.

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How to Approach Women – The Old School Way

by John P Morgan on 24 September 2010

In the realm of self-introductions, you may expect there to be only two options:

  1. Man introduces himself to woman.
  2. Woman introduces herself to man.

But this ain’t the case brother.

Hidden inside these two possibilities is a very natural, very attainable and much more common middle ground.

It works like this:

  1. Man displays attractive qualities.
  2. Woman notices man and finds him attractive.
  3. Woman subtly communicates her interest to man in her eyes, her hips or her smile.
  4. Man notices woman’s subtle communication and takes it as an invitation.
  5. Fearlessly and without hesitation man wanders over and says: “Hello”.

Now you might consider this to be an introduction by the man. It is, but the fact that our man was subtly invited into her space is a critical difference.

If women aren’t noticing you as someone attractive, you have two options: [click to continue…]

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3 Steps to Winning a War With a Woman (And Why You Must)

by John P Morgan on 20 September 2010

You know the kinds of women who bust your balls within the first minute of meeting them?

“ Hi, what’s your name?”

“ Jessica.”

“ Hi, I’m Bob.”

“ Where’d you get that shirt Bob?”

“ Ohhhh….ummm….hah….heh….”

I like these kinds of women.

Some guys might think, “Oh, she’s not very nice”, but I bet that most actually find her confidence attractive, sexy even, and are simply intimidated by her.

Poor Bob.

Before we get into how to defend against her little sucker-punch of a statement, let’s look at why she’s doing it.

Men say hello to Jessica constantly. If she took the time to converse with all of them, she’d be giving away much more time to random dudes than she wants to.

Whether she knows it or not, Jessica is filtering the guys she meets based on some criteria of hers.

In a social context, Bob has started a conversation with Jessica and with no evident reason for doing so. She thus makes the fair assessment that he fancies her and is interested in getting to know her intimately.

On an unconscious level, Jessica is filtering to determine whether or not Bob is worthy of her time in the context of intimacy. [click to continue…]


How to Attract a Woman (Using Tunnel Vision)

by John P Morgan on 16 September 2010

“Dude, it sucks hanging out with you when you’re like that.”

“What?” I say, surprised at my friend’s comment.

“You totally ignored me for the last ten minutes.”

“Oh…sorry man. I didn’t notice. Was I really talking to her for ten minutes?”

I’ve had this conversation, or one similar too it, many times.

When I’ve got the attention of a woman I’m interested in, I get a sort of tunnel vision. It’s as if the whole universe collapses and the only thing I see, hear, feel or care about is her.

This “tunnel vision” is an intensely focused attention.

Every momentary expression, every word out of her mouth and every point of physical contact, consumes me. I become enveloped with curiosity about her.

What does she love? What makes her laugh? What turns her on?

I believe many men could benefit from tapping into such tunnel vision…at least at appropriate times.

So how do you do tunnel vision? [click to continue…]


How to Become Extroverted (Using a Wristwatch)

by John P Morgan on 7 September 2010

I’m not so sure it’s true for blondes, but certainly extroverts have more fun.

Or rather, people who are being extroverted have more fun. (We’re all more outgoing at some times than others.)

I went out recently to do some filming, but didn’t really feel like interacting with people, so I came up with a quick fix using my wristwatch. It’s an example of the kinds of things I do to get myself into an extroverted mood, so that I can meet more interesting people…and have more fun!

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