About John P Morgan

I am a traveler in all senses of the word. I thrive on new experiences and simply love meeting and connecting with all people.

Over the past 15 years I’ve had a handful of serious relationships and many, well, not-so-serious ones. As much as I enjoy the many thrills of single life, I’m more a romantic.  I truly favor the passion and comfort of an exclusive partnership with an amazing woman.

In a professional sense, despite a two-month stint having a ‘real job’, I’ve worked for myself since I turned 20 years old. (I’m 32 now.) Some of the past twelve years I’ve worked hard investing and building businesses. During other years, living off the financial rewards of my success, I focused on learning, creative pursuits, adventures and traveling the world.

Systems, strategy, persuasion and modeling human behaviour and the development of self and spirit have been serious interests of mine throughout my life. I’ve read countless books and trained with just about everyone on everything related to spiritual and personal development, communication and human behavior. I also strongly believe in the measurable results of one-to-one coaching, which is why I personally get coaching from some of the best coaches in the world.

I attribute my success, both in relationships and professionally, to my ability and my passion to connect with human beings in a real and authentic way.

My goal and passion is to give you everything that I have and for you to find everything that you have within yourself, so that you can have the love and sex life you desire and deserve.

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